5.5. Ncurses-6.0

The Ncurses package contains libraries for terminal-independent handling of character screens.

5.5.1. Installation of Ncurses

When Ncurses is compiled, it executes tic to create a terminfo database in ${prefix}/share/terminfo. If possible, the Makefile will use the tic binary that was just compiled in its source tree, but this does not work when Ncurses is cross-compiled. To allow the Ncurses build in Constructing a Temporary System to succeed, we will build and install a tic program that can be run on the host system.

Prepare Ncurses for compilation:

AWK=gawk ./configure \
    --prefix=/cross-tools \

The meaning of the new configure options:


Tells Ncurses to build without debugging information.

Only one binary is needed for the Cross-Tools. Build the headers and then build tic:

make -C include
make -C progs tic

Install tic with the following command:

install -v -m755 progs/tic /cross-tools/bin

Details on this package are located in Section 10.37.2, “Contents of Ncurses.”