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Presenting the unofficial x86 and x86_64 6.3 r2160 updated lfs livecd.

There are two livecd's to build recent CLFS and LFS 7.x version releases.

The x86 directory includes the x86 lfs livecd whith a 32-bit kernel 
and 32-bit userspace and no sources, but with a wget-list to grab the sources

The x86_64 directory includes the x86_64 lfs livecd with a 64-bit kernel
and 64-bit userspace and no sources, but with a wget-list to grab the sources


    Users with IDE devices may need to use the following kernel option
    when booting:


    Thanks to Richard for debugging issues regarding 80 conductor IDE
    cables not being used and not being able to use the livecd.

Updates include:

    - Added Git
    - Updated make to 3.82
    - Updated wget to 1.14
    - Updated sudo to 1.8.7
    - Added lm-sensors 3.3.3
    - Updated e2fsprogs to 1.41.14 to support ext4 filesystem
    - Added xz to meet host system requirements (5.0.4 version installed)
    - Added tar to use xz decompressor (1.26 version installed)
    - Updated Linux kernel to 3.11.1 kernel to exceed host system
    - Updated iproute2 to 3.11.0
    - Replaced jhalfs with current svn of jhalfs r3718 (CLFS changes in commit)
    - Replaced the LFS BOOK HTML and XML from 7.3 with 7.4
    - Removed the source and added a wget list with good links at
    - Adjusted configs so that the nickname for irc clients is livecdupd
    - Adjusted configs so that irc clients will connect to freenode support
    - Adjusted configs so that the 7.3 book will be referenced
    - Changed VOLUME ID of the lfs livecd's
    - Changed isolinux boot.msg
    - Adjusted init in initramfs for 32 and 64 bit
    - Updated pciid usbid databases

Please do not message the LFS mailing lists for support of this livecd.

Message William Harrington at kb0iic at gmail dot com
or Berzerkula in the #cross-lfs, #lfs, or #lfs-support channels at Freenode IRC.