3.4. Needed Patches

In addition to the packages, several patches are also required. These patches correct any mistakes in the packages that should be fixed by the maintainer. The patches also make small modifications to make the packages easier to work with. The following patches will be needed to build a CLFS system:

Bash Branch Update Patch - 54,711 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/bash-4.2-branch_update-6.patch

MD5 sum: 23c68ff88198537401d49ab6424b005d

Coreutils Uname Patch - 16 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/coreutils-8.20-uname-1.patch

MD5 sum: d47d2d5dec9b4c0b25329511b6b11edf

EGLIBC Fixes Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/eglibc-2.15-fixes-1.patch

MD5 sum: 872128f0f087f2036798680c3b118c65

GCC Branch Update Patch - 601 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/gcc-4.6.3-branch_update-2.patch

MD5 sum: e7af1c4a02408aeb25c94ed86c7921d6

Iana-Etc Get Fix Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/iana-etc-2.30-get_fix-1.patch

MD5 sum: 73aee2dc34cf4d990cc22fe323d89f27

Iana-Etc Protocol and Port Numbers Update - 3,760 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/iana-etc-2.30-numbers_update-20120610-2.patch

MD5 sum: 826fb780d13caafb7cb99b9c346f2102

IPUtils Fixes Patch - 8 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/iputils-s20101006-fixes-1.patch

MD5 sum: 1add4b8cbee814310f95e61997019162

IPUtils Pregenerated Documentation Patch - 136 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/iputils-s20101006-doc-1.patch

MD5 sum: 2eee5e095005bf4be426797a4aefa27b

Kbd es.po Fix Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/kbd-1.15.3-es.po_fix-1.patch

MD5 sum: 476c4066c5c663b44b67acaa4cdef62e

M4 gets Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/m4-1.4.16-no-gets-1.patch

MD5 sum: 6c5013f9ae5afc78f123e96356ceec3e

Man i18n Patch - 12 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/man-1.6g-i18n-1.patch

MD5 sum: a5aba0cb5a95a7945db8c882334b7dab

Ncurses Bash Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/ncurses-5.9-bash_fix-1.patch

MD5 sum: c6f7f2ab0ebaf7721ebeb266641352db

Ncurses Branch Update Patch - 2,492 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/ncurses-5.9-branch_update-4.patch

MD5 sum: c2b2dc2d31b02c218359e6218f12a72c

Perl Libc Patch - 20 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/perl-5.16.2-libc-1.patch

MD5 sum: 665f85a83b6141776499f792514235c7

Procps Fix HZ Errors Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/procps-3.2.8-fix_HZ_errors-1.patch

MD5 sum: 2ea4c8e9a2c2a5a291ec63c92d7c6e3b

Procps ps cgroup Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/procps-3.2.8-ps_cgroup-1.patch

MD5 sum: 3c478ef88fad23353e332b1b850ec630

Readline Branch Update - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/readline-6.2-branch_update-3.patch

MD5 sum: af788f5b1cfc5db9efc9e0fa0268a574

Tar Man Page Patch - 76 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/tar-1.26-man-1.patch

MD5 sum: 074783d41f18c5c62a7cfc77e2678693

Texinfo New Compressors Patch - 4 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/texinfo-4.13a-new_compressors-1.patch

MD5 sum: 4ae2d3c132e21cb83b825bc691056d07

Vim Branch Update Patch - 2,980 KB:

Download: http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/vim-7.3-branch_update-6.patch

MD5 sum: 21cfe3150e5316ef272012630950b7ad

Total size of these patches: about 63 MB

In addition to the above required patches, there exist a number of optional patches created by the CLFS community. These optional patches solve minor problems or enable functionality that is not enabled by default. Feel free to peruse the patches database located at http://patches.cross-lfs.org/2.0.0/ and acquire any additional patches to suit the system needs.