8.7. Wireless Tools-29

Wireless Tools is the reference implementation of tools supporting the ability to manipulate the Wireless Extensions API supported by most wireless LAN networking drivers.

8.7.1. Installation of Wireless Tools

Wireless Tools' Makefile contains explicitly which gcc, ar, and ranlib to use. Make sure the ${CLFS}/cross-tools versions of these programs are used instead of the host's:

sed -i s/gcc/\$\{CLFS\_TARGET\}\-gcc/g Makefile
sed -i s/\ ar/\ \$\{CLFS\_TARGET\}\-ar/g Makefile
sed -i s/ranlib/\$\{CLFS\_TARGET\}\-ranlib/g Makefile

Compile the package:



There are options that can be passed to make and make install that will reduce the size and functionality of the Wireless Tools. See the Wireless Tools INSTALL file for more information.

make PREFIX=${CLFS}/targetfs/usr

Install the package:

make install PREFIX=${CLFS}/targetfs/usr

8.7.2. Contents of Wireless Tools

Installed programs: iwconfig, iwevent, iwgetid, iwlist, iwpriv, and iwspy
Installed libraries: libiw.so