7.2. CLFS-Bootscripts-git master HEAD

The CLFS-Bootscripts package contains a set of scripts to start/stop the CLFS system at bootup/shutdown.

7.2.1. Installation of CLFS-Bootscripts



Unlike other chapters, after installing the bootscripts, do not delete the bootscripts source directory. The bootscripts source directory may be needed later.

Install the package:

make DESTDIR=${CLFS}/targetfs install-bootscripts

7.2.2. Contents of CLFS-Bootscripts

Installed scripts: functions, startup, shutdown, and syslog.

Short Descriptions


Contains common functions, such as error and status checking, that are used by several bootscripts


Performs all startup script operations


Performs all shutdown operations


Starts and stops the system log daemons