v. Structure

This book is divided into the following parts.

Part I - Introduction

Part I explains a few important notes on how to proceed with the Cross-LFS installation. This section also provides meta-information about the book.

Part II - Preparing for the Build

Part II describes how to prepare for the building process including downloading the packages.

Part III - Make the Cross-Compile Tools

Part III shows you how to make a set of Cross-Compiler tools. These tools can run on your host system but allow you to build packages that will run on your target system.

Part IV - Building the CLFS System

Part IV shows you how to build the core CLFS system. Compiling and installing BusyBox and other required packages, making the system bootable, setting up the bootscripts, and installing a bootloader.

Part V - Beyond CLFS Embedded

Part V provides instructions on optional packages that can be installed to enhance your CLFS system.

Part VI - Cleanup and Boot

Part VI finishes up the system by making sure the target file system is ready to be booted, copying it to the target, and finally booting the system.